The admin of the account is able to add a maximum of 5 custom fields.

How to add Custom Fields

Head over to Settings, and then go to Custom Fields.

When creating a Custom field, three main things are required:

  • Name of the field - must be unique, different from predefined fields in Base;

  • Field type,

  • If the field is required or not; if you have selected the option for the field to be required, while adding or editing a link, the custom field will be necessary to fill out.

You are able to select one of 4 types of Custom Fields:

  1. Dropdown list

  2. Checkbox (true/false)

  3. Number

  4. Short text

  • Dropdown list - In this type of field, you are able to create predefined options that users can choose for the specific link. You are able to add up to 300 different options by clicking on the + symbol, or simply by pressing Enter.

  • Checkbox (True/False) - when this field is created, it will appear as a checkbox. When this field is checked for a specific link, it has a True value, and if it is left unchecked, the field has a False value. These values need to be given custom names (True/False, Yes/No).

Note: If you are adding your links in bulk via a CSV file, the True value should be 1, and the False value should be 0.

  • Number - you should select this field if you want to add a field with numeric input. In this field, you are also able to set a minimum and maximum value for a certain link. If there isn’t such a limit, you are able to leave the fields empty.

  • Short text - if you need to add a piece of information to your link, you are able to do so with this type of field. While editing or adding a link, the maximum number of characters you can enter is 255.

How to use Custom Fields

While adding or editing a specific link, you will see the Custom fields you configured right underneath Link information.

Custom fields are visible in the columns of the link table, as well as in Filters.

The exception is the Short text type of field, which is visible in the settings of the Search bar.

The visibility of Custom Fields by user roles can be managed by the admin, in the Role Settings tab.

Also, if you added Custom Fields to your account, they will appear in the Google Chrome extension as well. If you added or made changes to your custom fields, all you need to do is log out and log in once again in the extension, and they will appear in the extension bar as separate fields.

Lastly, if you want to upload links to Base via CSV, and you have custom fields, you need to add those columns to your CSV template. The name of the column should be exactly the same as the name of the custom field, and you should input the values according to the link. Note that in the case of the checkbox custom field the True value should be 1, and the False value should be 0.

If you'd like to find out how to upload links to Base, check out this article.

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