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Add Link - how to - tool documentation & definitions
Add Link - how to - tool documentation & definitions

Add Link - how to - tool documentation & definitions

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Add link - tool documentation & definitions

NOTE: the link cannot be saved/added if a live link or opp with the same domain and from the same group of link types has already been added for the selected client.

Group type

editorial link - guest post, submission, pr, editorial link

submission - guest post, submission, pr, editorial link

guest post - guest post, submission, pr, editorial link

pr - guest post, submission, pr, editorial link

sponsorship partnership - sponsorship partnership

infographic promotion - infographic promotion

content promotion - content promotion

local citation - local citation

resource page - resource page

republishing - republishing

link insert - link insert

scholarship - scholarship

giveaway - giveaway

bookmark - bookmark

profiles - profiles

forum - forum

Also, all links added as opp's will be saved only as domains without any subpages that may be added as part of the link (if something needs to be emphasized at a particular opp, it can be written in the "Notes" field).

Upload links (CSV)

Via example CSV template, links can be imported in any status, where the CSV file should be in the format example.csv (image below).

Mandatory columns are marked with an asterisk "*" in the text.

● In the first column, you need to add the client - Client* (without https:// or www). Before uploading links, the client must be added to Base!

The Link* column must contain the full URL.

The date in the date column must be in the date format 'YYYY-MM-DD' (2016-12-30).

● Pay attention to Category* because the category must be entered and must correspond to one of the existing categories from the Add link form:

● adult

● agriculture

● animals

● architecture

● art

● car

● beauty

● book

● business

● casino


● ecology

● education

● electronics

● engineering

● entertainment

● family

● fashion

● finance

● fitness

● food

● fun

● gaming

● general

● health

● hobbies

● home

● Internet

● kids

● Law

● lifestyle

● marketing

● media

● music

● NGOs

● parenting

● photography

● politics

● real estate

● relationship

● religion

● restaurant

● science

● social media

● software

● sports

● tech

● toys

● travel

● weapons

● Wedding

The tag column is optional, and can be used for additional link segmentation. Multiple tags can be separated with a comma.

● If the link is paid, you should enter the amount paid in the Price column. If the link is free, leave the field empty.

● In the next column Currency, next to the paid links, enter the currency eur, usd, gbp, aud.

● Specify the type of link in the Type* column :

● sponsorship/partnership

● infographic promotion

● content promotion

● editorial links

● local citation

● resource page

● republishing

● link insert

● scholarship

● submission

● guest post

● giveaway

● bookmark

● profiles

● forum

● ex

● The location of the website where the link is located can be entered in the Location column.

Contact name and contact email can be filled with the data of the person who is the contact for the specified domain.

The Note column can contain any additional information for the given link.

Status* it is necessary to enter one of the following statuses:

○ opportunity

○ requested

○ pending

○ confirmed

Note: if a user who is not an admin enters confirmed status, it will automatically be transferred to opp.

User column because the links will be attributed to whoever is doing the import. Admin can enter link for anyone, user only for himself.

Quality - can only be added by admins. Numbers from 1-5 are entered for link quality.

● If the admin has added custom fields to the account, they can also be added via the csv table. It is necessary to copy/paste the field names as column names, and then add the corresponding data by column for the specified links.

If the field is Numeric, enter a number (pay attention to whether there is a min/max limit), short text field - enter text up to 255 characters, Dropdown list - enter one of the custom predefined options, Checkbox (true/false) here for True value enters 1 and for False 0.


It is not possible to import blacklisted links (except admin), invalid links, links for clients not assigned to you, as well as links for clients on hold.

In cases where the link is on a subdomain of a domain, it is necessary to enter the entire subdomain as opp (blogspot, wordpress cases), so that we do not get a message for a specific client that the link already exists for that domain.

Manual link insert

In the second segment of the Add links page, there is a section where individual links can be added.

It is necessary to fill in all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk "*".

Explanations for all fields are identical to above.

In the first part, fill in the data related to the link itself (picture above).

In the second part, fill in the data related to the domain (image below).

These fields will be prefilled if the link domain already exists in the database (automatically after entering the url). If the data exists, it can only be edited by the admin (category and location, the other two can be edited by anyone).

In case Custom fields have been added to the account, those fields will be found between the Link and Domain information segments. If one of the custom fields is mandatory, it will be marked with "*".

A mandatory step is to click on the Add link button, in order to save the link/s.

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