In the Opps tab, you are able to add all your link building opportunities to claim them for a specific client, so your link building team members can't add/contact the same website. As you outreach your opportunities through email automation tools or manually, this tab allows you to change their status from "opportunity" to "requested", so everybody can track the link building process for a specific client.

If you are adding multiple domains through the form, it is necessary for them to be either in separate rows, or to be separated with space or a full stop. Keep in mind that while you are adding multiple links at the same time, they will all be assigned to the same link type and client you select.

On the lower half of the page, you will see a list of all the Opps you added.

You are also able to add Opps through the Add link page or through our Google Chrome extension.

If you’d like to find out more about adding links through the extension, check out this article.

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