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Link Opps / Opportunities

Link Opps / Opportunities - how to - tool documentation & definitions

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The upper part is a form for adding links (it works like a CSV upload, with the fact that the links are preselected for the client that is selected below the text box, a mandatory field).

It is important to emphasize that links added through this form will not have assigned tags, categories, etc. which need to be added later.

Below is the same search table as from the SEARCH page, with the pre-set filter for users and status so that only the links of logged-in users with opportunity status are displayed.

When entering opps, it is important to know that it is not possible to add an opp if:

  • on that domain, there is already a live link for that client in the same type group (see the Type group section above)

  • has someone already put that domain in opp in the same group of types for the selected client

  • is that domain blacklisted (besides the admin, he can also import blacklisted sites)

Note: you can see info about whether the opp was successfully added or not at Reports > Link imports, but the plan is to display it through in-app notifications at some point).

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