You can select the following types of links:

  • editorial link

  • submission

  • guest post

  • pr

  • sponsorship partnership

  • infographic promotion

  • content promotion

  • local citation

  • resource page

  • republishing

  • link insert

  • scholarship

  • giveaway

  • bookmark

  • profile

  • forum

Note: You are not able to select the same link type for multiple links for the same website (for example, scholarship - scholarship).

It is possible to combine different link types for the same website, however, there is an exception to this rule. The first four link types on the list - editorial link, submission, guest post and pr belong to the same “group”, so they can not be combined for the same website (for example - editorial link and guest post, or submission and pr).

If you’d like to find out more about adding links to Base, check out this article.

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