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In this article, we’ll be explaining different kinds of Link types which you’re able to select for your links.

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You can select the following types of links:

  • editorial link

  • submission

  • guest post

  • pr

  • sponsorship partnership

  • infographic promotion

  • content promotion

  • local citation

  • resource page

  • republishing

  • link insert

  • scholarship

  • giveaway

  • bookmark

  • profile

  • forum

Note: You are not able to select the same link type for multiple links for the same website (for example, scholarship - scholarship).

It is possible to combine different link types for the same website, however, there is an exception to this rule. The first four link types on the list - editorial link, submission, guest post, and pr belong to the same “group”, so they can not be combined for the same website (for example - editorial link and guest post, or submission and pr).

On the Settings page on your account, you are able to create link type groups. This option allows you to assign link types to a specific group. Only one link per client and domain are allowed inside one type group. If you change this setting, i.e move a certain type to another type’s group - the link with the assigned type will not be deleted, but you might get a weekly email warning about duplicates if we detect any.

If you’d like to find out more about adding links to Base, check out this article.

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