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Learn all about Health Reports, Link Imports, and Status History.

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Link Imports

This page shows a list of all imports (CSV upload and opps import).

Clicking on a File name will display info about imported links and a list of links that were not imported, and for what reason (image below).

Health Reports

All automatic and manual health checks can be seen on this page. You can see who did the health check, when, how many checks were used and whether there were any changes in the health of the link.

By clicking on the Report ID (opens in a new tab), you can see information about the links where there was a change in health.

Dynamics of automatic health checks

  • Daily - all links entered in the previous 7 days are checked

  • Weekly - on Mondays; all links entered from the previous 7 - 30 days are checked

  • Monthly - 3rd of the month; links entered in the previous 1 - 6 months are checked

  • Quarterly - links entered in the previous 6 - 18 months are checked

  • Yearly - links older than 18 months are checked

  • For all links that were live, dofollow, and now dead, do another HC

Status History

This page can only be accessed by admins and clients and is used to check the status of links.

Additional Stats

By clicking on Additional Stats, you can see the graph for the last 30 days, the status of links by day (image below). If the period is changed through the Date range filter, the chart will change accordingly.

Status DATA Filters

Clicking on the Filters button opens the search filters (DATA Filters), which narrow the list of results in the table of links below:

  • Archive date range - dates when entries were made in that database (each link is entered every time its status changes)

  • Date range - a link date filter, because one link can have the same link date for multiple statuses

  • Expires at - when the purchased link expires for a certain period of time

  • Client - one or more clients

  • Link status

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