If you noticed that certain links from your CSV upload have been “Skipped”, here is a list of potential scenarios why a link was uploaded unsuccessfully.

  • If you have set up a Custom field and set it as Required but have not filled out the field in your spreadsheet, the link upload will be unsuccessful.

*In this case, the second link on the spreadsheet would be skipped.

  • If the URL contains more than 500 characters;

  • If you add more Confirmed links via CSV upload, but you have already reached the number of Confirmed links that are within your Subscription plan:

  • If the Client field is invalid, i.e the Client’s domain is incorrectly formatted:

  • If the User field is invalid, i.e the user’s email address was incorrectly formatted. Another case could be if there are no more user seats available, and you have assigned a certain link to a new user.

If you would like to learn more about adding links to Base, check out this article.

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