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Base Chrome Extension - How to Use

Base Chrome Extension - how to - tool documentation & definitions

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Everyone (except the Client role) can install on their Chrome browser from the Chrome web store.

After that, it will appear in the browser toolbar and the user needs to log in (in a new window) with his Base credentials and click on the green Authorize button.

OPPS tab

1. Open the desired site in a new tab.

2. It is necessary to first select the client for which you want to add an opp or to check availability and metrics.

3. Select the link type.

4. Select a category

5. If there are required custom fields on the account, they will also be seen here and it will be necessary to fill them with appropriate data.

5. After that, under DOMAIN STATUS you get the following info:

OPP - is the opp already taken on that site for the selected client

BLACKLISTED - is the site blacklisted

HAS CO LINKS - is there already a confirmed link

6. Domain rating, organic traffic, and spam rating metrics can be obtained by clicking the button below DOMAIN INFO

5. By clicking the Add to Opps button, you add the selected site to your opps for the selected client.


Through this tab, you can get all your links that are not confirmed and are located on the given domain (input field).

Any url/domain can be entered in the input field, and it is prefilled with the URL of the site you are on when opening the extension.

Clicking ' Get Data ' pulls and lists your links from the given domain for all clients, next to which there are buttons OP | RE | PE | CO through which you can update the status of the link.

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